AC Drive

A New Perspective on Drive Technology

Shorter time to market, shorter time to profit

Turning common drive components into systems, Siemens Integrated Drive Systems make mere assets become potent success factors. Drive technology based on Integrated Drive Systems ensures maximum productivity, energy-efficiency and reliability in any automation environment and throughout the entire lifecycle – fully customized or standardized, for all torque ranges, performance classes and voltage specifications. Thanks to the unique concept of threefold integration, Siemens drive technology based on Integrated Drive Systems creates noticeable value add.

Systems for low-voltage power distribution

Consistent power distribution – from end to end

The trend toward the intelligent, networked operation of buildings and increasingly automated industrial plants requires flexible, communication-capable power distribution systems. Technical requirements are becoming more demanding, and those dictated by standards more complex. Our optimally coordinated systems for low-voltage power distribution ensure consistent and thus highly efficient and reliable power distribution – from the power feed-in to the consumers.

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